The Future of America: Take a Look at Your New Masters.

April 10, 2010

America’s Future:  Take a Look at Your New Masters.

Now, on to another subject…
Forget terrorism.


We Will Lose the War Against Islam – Prepare to Convert or DIE!!!

Islamisation of Europe:  Reality or Fantasy?

This YouTube video has shown the rise of Muslims in Europe, as well as the world.


What are the consequences?

Muslims were the first people to force DHIMMIS, non-muslims like Jews and Christians to wear distinctive clothes identifying them as non-muslims.

1. Dhimmitude – Institutionalized Religious Bigotry.

If you are not a muslim, you must pay a Jizya tax. You will offer suffer the brutalities and dehuminization experienced by Jews in Nazi Germany, but this time, ALL CHRISTIANS, JEWS, BUDDHISTS, and people of other religions will suffer, as they have done throughout the world for the last 1400 years.

A woman partialy buried and stoned to death.

2. Violent Oppression of Women – Genital mutiliation, beatings, no rights under the law.

Forced to wear a veil and burkathe SYMBOLS OF SLAVERY for women. This is like forcing a black person in America to wear chains.

Genital mutilation14 million women have suffered this barbaric form of butchery, where their clitoris is surgically removed. Women can forget ever enjoying sex again.

Rape – Women in muslim countries have few rights. A man may rape a woman, and if she seeks legal action, she must have FOUR male witnesses to back up her story, or she will be EXECUTED for “adultery.”

Rampant pedophila under Islam.

3. Rampant Pedophilia – Child brides are forced into marriage.

Recently, a Yemeni child bride died of bleeding after intercourse.

200+ young girls are buried alive by their parents in Turkey every year.

4. Honor Killings – If a young girl speaks to boys, she may suffer DEATH by being BURIED ALIVE by her parents, a common practice in Turkey today. Other forms of CHILD MURDER are practiced by muslim parents against their children, when they behave “inappropriately.”

In Islam, being born female is both a capital crime and a death sentence.

DEATH SENTENCES are ordered for anyone leaving Islam, criticizing Islam, insulting Islam, insulting Muhammad, criticizing the Qu'ran, for girls that speak to boys, for women that complain about being raped, for being gay.

5. DEATH – Islam has numerous death sentences proscribed for those that:

Criticise Islam – This carries a death sentence.

Leave Islam for another faith – Your parents are required to kill you if you convert to another religion.

“Insulting” Islam – The Destruction of FREE SPEECH – Cartoonists, authors, commentators, and even poets are all in danger.

“Insulting” Muhammad – This carries a death sentence.

Rape – Those women complaining about being raped are routinely executed for “adultery.”

Being gay – This carries a death sentence.

Girls that speak to boysHONOR KILLINGS are common in muslim countries.

Islamic Slavery in the Sudan is not the only place where Muslims practice slavery.

6. Slavery – a widely accepted practice in the Islamic world today.

This will happen.

Muslims are allowed four wives and as many concubines as they wish. Devorce is easy. Muslims have very large families.

America, and the rest of the world will be plunged into a thousand years of darkness and oppression under Islamo-Fascism.

Your grandchildren will suffer and die under Islamo-Fascism.

Are there any safe places? Look to countries with high birth rates:

China, India, Mexico, South America.

America needs to help these countries thrive in the next century.

The only people that have a chance of surviving this holocaust, are those non-muslim cultures that have a high birth rate.


Why is this important to Americans?

America is NOT a Democracy. When the majority becomes Muslim, they will use Democracy to force Islamic SHARIA LAW on you.  
Beware of the tyranny of the majority!

America is a Republic.  In a Republic, you have rights that the majority cannot step on.

Is this commentary Islamophobic or Racist?


The greatest victims suffering under Islam are Muslims themselves.

To criticize Hitler or Stalin for murder, genocide and oppression is not to be a racist against Germans or Russians.

To criticize Islam, which is not a race, but a system of thought, for it’s practice of barbarous oppression is not racist.

Islam teaches HATE, RACISM, BIGOTRY and practices OPPRESSION, TYRANNY and MURDER.  Compared to Hitler and Stalin, Islam is a thousand times worse!

Ayaan Hirsi Ali – War on Terror or War on Islam?

March 16, 2010

Ayaan Hirsi Ali – War on Terror or War on Islam?