May 20: Everybody Draw Muhammad Day

May 13, 2010

May 20: Everybody Draw Muhammad Day


In support of Matt Stone and Trey Parker and in opposition to religious thuggery, the First Annual Everybody Draw Muhammad Day has been launched, and is set for May 20.

All Americans should participate with their drawing of Muhammad, in support of the FREEDOM OF SPEECH, and in RESISTING ISLAMIC TYRANNY.

Islam = Terrorism.

If you are afraid to simply draw a picture because Muslims will murder you, then you are giving into TERRORISM.

For more information, go HERE.

Obama Akbar

March 18, 2010

We found this cartoon at

Since Democrats support MARXISM, TERRORISTS, and SLAVERY, this cartoon is a perfect view of what they are doing.

Its not really funny, if you think about it.

Democrats have become the party that supports MARXISM, TERRORISTS, and SLAVERY.

Communist Joke:

January 20, 2010

“In America, you can always find a party.  In Soviet Russia, The Party can always find you!”