August 9, 2010


$13 Trillion in DEBT BONDAGE

U.S. National Debt Clock <– Click here.

You are a SLAVE!

You are a SLAVE!

Here’s how it works:

1. The government STEALS from Americans (in the form of TAXES).

2. Politicians, in their lust for power, BRIBE their constituents in order to remain in power.  (Vote for me – I gave you schools, highways, military bases, government programs,  etc.)

3. Afraid to steal too much (raise taxes) for their bribery of the pubic, politicians BORROW money from foreign entities (China holds most of our debt).

4. The government has borrowed over $13 Trillion, and politicians use this as an UNLIMITED LINE OF CREDIT to bribe their constituents.
Any bill passed includes “pork projects” which are BRIBES to win votes.

The American government is founded on STEALING, BRIBERY and CORRUPTION.

YOU are a SLAVE!

The government is YOUR MASTER.


1. Can you start a business without government approval?

2. The government OWNS ALL PROPERTY IN AMERICA.  Who actually owns your house?  PROPERTY TAXES are rent collected by our masters.

3. The government has the right to decide WHAT YOU EAT AND DRINK.

4. The government has the right to BORROW MONEY FROM YOUR CHILDREN, putting them into DEBT BONDAGE: SLAVERY!

Where did the government get the right to SELL YOUR CHILDREN INTO SLAVERY?

ALL politicians (Democrats and Republicans) are guilty of turning you into a slave.  President Obama is NOT solely responsible for your servitude.

Win your freedom back: VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE!

Lemonade Stand Closed Down by Government

August 6, 2010

Lemonade Stand Closed Down by Government

A seven year old girl wanted to sell lemonade at an event in Portland. 

Everything was going well until a government official came by and asked her for a $120 business license.  When the little girl said she didn’t have one, they threatened to fine her $500.

The little girl started crying and her mother took her home.

The government officials said their intent was to “protect the public”, but in reality, it is all about COLLECTING TAXES.

This event is symbolic of what is wrong with America today.

Ask any business owner in America and they will tell you similar horror stories about tyrannical government control over their business.

America has fallen into tyranny and slavery.

See the report HERE.

America needs to have a LEMONADE REVOLT against excessive government regulation.

Nazism = Socialism

July 29, 2010

Nazism = Socialism
Why Nazism Was Socialism and Why Socialism Is Totalitarian

Nazism and Communism are different kinds of SOCIALISM

Nazism and Communism are different kinds of SOCIALISM

Communism is SOCIALISM.

Many regard these two  systems as opposites, but they are alike.
Both require DICTATORSHIPS to survive.
Both result in SLAVERY and OPPRESSION.

Obama is the architect of Modern American Slavery

Obama is the architect of Modern American Slavery

The Architects of Modern American Slavery
Beware of Marxist Progressive politicians like Bush, Obama, McCain and most of the Democrats, who promote slavery.

See why Nazism Was Socialism and Why Socialism Is Totalitarian HERE <– click

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Prisons and Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union

July 29, 2010

Prisons and Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union

Gulag Guardtower

Gulag guard tower

Nazis or Communists?  Which are worse?

Note that both are SOCIALISTS.

Arbeit Macht Frei

Arbeith Macht Frei - "Work shall set you free!" The sign above the entrance to Dachau.

The Nazis murdered 6 million Jews and 5 or 6 million others in concentration camps, including Romas (Gypsies), Polish Christians, intellectuals, the mentally ill,  and homosexuals.

Honest work: the road home to the family

"Honest work: the road home to the family" - The signs at the entrance to the Communist Gulags are strikingly similar to the Nazi slogan.

The Communists murdered 62 million people.   Millions of Soviet citizens were imprisoned in Gulags for the “crimes” of thinking differently, reading forbidden political, philosophical or religious books, raising a flag, trying to get religious instruction for their children, for undertaking a commercial enterprise or even for being late for work.

The First Guidebook to Prisons & Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union

The First Guidebook to Prisons & Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union

The First Guidebook to Prisons & Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union

This book, written by Avraam Shifram, a Gulag inmate,  is a record of the evil created by Socialism.

Get the book at Amazon. <– click

Soviet Gulags were present from 1917 to well after the war, and over 62 million people were murdered in these prisons.

Map of 1976 Gulags and Concentration Camps

Map of 1,976 Gulags and Concentration Camps of the Soviet Union.

The First Guidebook to Prisons & Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union contains a map of nearly 2000 concentration camps.

There were 1,976 Gulags in the Soviet Union, including:
112 prisons and concentration camps for women and children,
41 extermination camps, and
85 psychiatric prisons.

Read more about Soviet Death Camps HERE.

So, which brand of Socialism is worse?
Obviously, the Communists were far worse than the Nazis.  The Soviets murdered five times more people than the Nazis.  Soviet Gulags murdered and tortured ten times more people than the number of murdered Jews.

While both figures are horrendous, it should be noted that any kind of Socialism will lead to the most barbaric kinds of evil.

If Barack Hussein Obama succeeds in transforming America into a Socialist country, then MILLIONS OF AMERICANS WILL DIE.

The Empire of Death
Progressives, Democrats, Marxists and Socialists are busy transforming America into an Empire of Death.

It is every American’s duty to remove these evil men from power. Vote them all out of office!

Islamic Genital Mutilation: A Barbaric Atrocity.

June 15, 2010

Islamic Genital Mutilation:  A Barbaric Atrocity.

140 million women have suffered genital mutilation.

140 million women have suffered Islamic GENITAL MUTILATION

140 million woman have been forced to undergo Islamic GENITAL MUTILATION

While Islam condones SLAVERY, the BEATING OF WOMEN, and HONOR KILLINGS (the murder of children), one of the most barbaric atrocities practiced by Islam is GENITAL MUTILATION.

In Islam, young girls are forced to undergo a CLITORECTOMY, which removes the clitorus.  This deprives women of any kind of enjoyment of sex during their lifetime.

There are 140 million victims of this barbaric practice.

Truly, to be a woman in Islam is to suffer BRUTALITY, BEATINGS, ENSLAVEMENT, MUTILATION, RAPE and DEATH.

Islam is the greatest stain on the human race.

A Newsmax article on the subject follows.

You can also see it HERE.

Compromise Would Permit Mutilation of Islamic Children

By: Herbert London

In a policy shift that smacks of appeasement, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggested that American doctors should be given permission to perform a ceremonial pinprick on girls from Muslim culture in order to keep their families from imposing full “circumcision” clitorectomies.

The academy’s committee on bioethics justified this stance by noting federal law “makes criminal any nonmedical procedure performed on the genitals” of a girl in the United States, thereby driving some families to take their daughters overseas to undergo mutilation. Presumably the ritual “nick” is a compromise to avoid greater harm.

Whatever the intention, however, this policy shift vouchsafes legitimacy to a practice that should not be permitted. How much bloodletting will satisfy parents? And at what point do compromises end?

If Muslim countries allow wife-beating and slavery, do we allow a little of these practices in the United States in order to avoid more extreme examples? Perhaps a punch or two would be acceptable?

The counter-argument states that to declare clitorectomies wrong, unacceptable, and barbaric indicates “insensitivity” to another culture. But there are humane considerations that transcend cultural practice, and that should be honored everywhere.

Currently 130 million females worldwide have undergone genital mutilation, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. It is mostly performed on girls under the age of 15. Very often this procedure results in severe complications with pregnancy as well as sexual dysfunction.

Where are the feminists? If there were ever an issue that brings them to the barricades, this should be it. Moreover, a compromise that legitimates even the recognition of this monstrous practice should be seen for what it is: the thin edge of the wedge that will allow for other barbaric acts.

On a larger front, this decision by pediatricians reveals a sentiment widespread in Europe and now gaining traction in the United States: a desire to avoid conflict through preemptive compromises.

As intimidation often occurs backstage, Western nations prefer conciliation to violence even if it means undermining the fabric of society. This explains why British and Danish representatives have discussed officially acknowledging Shariah in legal matters.

Of course, reconciliation is not possible: Shariah is not capable of accommodating common law and constitutional principles. For Muslims, it is all or nothing; and, since they recognize the vulnerability of Western institutions, it is more “all” than “nothing.”

That an intelligent group of doctors does not recognize the implications of their action is truly puzzling. But then again, so many are blinded by fear, and hope a “modest” compromise will satisfy demanding voices.

Rarely, of course, does reciprocity enter the equation: although what is good for the goose should be good for the gander, unfortunately this is not the way Islam is treated in most Western capitals.

This is not the end of this cultural saga; there are and will be further compromises and from many surprising sources. Where this is leading is frighteningly clear: the incremental adjustment in Western standards.

Slowly, these compromises will lead to a change in our civilization, unless the West awakens to what is really expected by extremist Islam.

Political Prisoners in America & Government Theft

May 25, 2010

Political Prisoners in America
Confiscation of property

America has become the LAND OF SLAVERY.

America is home to POLITICAL PRISONERS. The government is CONFISCATING property and seizing assets.

America is now home to POLITICAL PRISONERS and the government is SEIZING PROPERTY.

With growing anger over a government out of control, some people have gone too far – they have threatened elected officials.

This has resulted in swift action by the government.

In one story, heard on the radio, a woman called up and said that her husband, who owned a construction business for over 20 years, has had to close his business because of illegal immigrants taking over the construction business in Texas.  Since they don’t work for minimum wages, they can afford to charge less, and legitimate American businesses like his have had to go out of business. He became active in the Tea Party, but then telephoned his congressman and “called him a bad name.”  He was arrested and thrown in prison.  He had a heart attack while there, and nearly died.  He has lost his business, his home, and all of his savings.

How many other Americans are now being put in prison?

Immigration agency targets upscale San Diego restaurant

In another case, the owner of a restaurant in San Diego was arrested for hiring illegal aliens.  He is being charged with 12 felony counts, each of which could result in 5 year prison sentences, in addition to a fine of $250,000 each.  This is another case of a normal American businessman being driven out of business by an OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT.

See the article HERE.

In addition, the government has CONFISCATED his business, saying that it was used in a crime.

Confiscation laws were intended to fight illegal drugs, hoping to do financial damage to the drug lords.

However, now the government is in the process of CONFISCATING BUSINESSES that hire illegal immigrants.

While it may be wrong to hire illegal immigrants, isn’t it worse to destroy businesses and entrepreneurs, who have taken risks to succeed in America?

Hiring illegal immigrants is a widespread practice in the restaurant business. But the government chooses “high profile” cases, because there are too many offenders to prosecute.

The government has decided to MAKE AN EXAMPLE, hoping to TERRORIZE CITIZENS INTO COMPLIANCE.

Whichever way the debate goes on immigration, remember that the government has  become an OPPRESSIVE REGIME.

Financial Regulation Bill = The Power to STEAL
According to Dick Morris:

“President Obama has taken the United States one more giant step towards socialism by ramming through the Senate his financial regulation bill.”The bill authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury – a political appointee – to seize any financial company (bank or nonbank) simply because, in his opinion, it is too big to fail and in danger of insolvency. This power can be used for political retribution, pressure for campaign funding, or any other abuse bureaucratic whim or partisan politics can conceive. It is a power Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez would love to have!”

See the full article HERE.

One day, the government may come to your door, like in Nazi Germany, and take you away to prison, confiscate your business, your property, your assets and destroy your life.

America is now the land of POLITICAL PRISONERS.

America is where the government can CONFISCATE everything you own.

America is the LAND OF SLAVERY.

Obama’s Nominee To Head Medicare, Medicaid: We ‘Must Redistribute Wealth’

May 14, 2010

Obama’s Nominee To Head Medicare, Medicaid:

We ‘Must Redistribute Wealth’