America: Land of the Fools, Home of the Cowards – A mosque is being built near the WTC!!!

America: Land of the Fools, Home of the Cowards
– A MOSQUE is being built near Ground Zero!!!

America: Land of the Fools, Home of the Cowards.

America: Land of the Fools, Home of the Cowards.

See the article about the new mosque at Ground Zero HERE.

A new mosque is to be built at Ground Zero.

Is this not a symbol that America has been conquered by Islam?

Throughout history, when Islam conquers their enemies through GENOCIDAL WARFARE, they build mosques over the ruins of their victims.

America Turns Yellow When Facing The Army Of Islam!
Prepare to Submit to Islam or Die!

“Those who resist Allah and his messenger will be humbled to dust.”
-The Qur’an (58:5)

A mosque is being built near Ground Zero!

The Day We Lost the War: 9/12/01

President Bush: Fool or Liar?

Fool or Liar?
The day after 9/11, President Bush appeared on television.  He said that Islam is a religion of peace and that a small group of extremists have “hijacked” the religion.

In war, the most important thing to do is to get your facts straight. President Bush’s erroneous proclamation has set the tone for how we fight this war.

There are only two possibilities:  President Bush is a fool or he is a liar.

Islam is NOT a religion of peace:


1. Muhammad was a terrorist.

“I have been made victorious through terror.”
– The words of Muhammad.
– Bukhari (4:52.220)

“Know that paradise is under the shade of swords.”
– The words of Muhammad.
– Hadith, Sahih Bukhari (4:52.73)

2. Islam is the cause of the greatest genocides in human history.

– 60 million Christians and Jews were slaughtered in the Middle East.
– 80 million Hundus were annihilated.
– 10 million Buddhists were murdered.  This is the practical result of Pacifism.
– 120 million Christians and Animists in Africa were murdered.
= 270 million deaths over 14 centuries of genocidal warfare.

Islam makes Adolf Hitler look like an amateur!

3. According to Islamic history, Muhammad’s crimes include:
– Theft.
– Banditry – Muhammad organized a group of bandits, raiding caravans.
– Murder.
– Rape.
– Enslavement – Muhammad kept over 20 female slaves and over 40 male slaves.
– Assassination – Muhammad ordered assassinations of his enemies.
– Brutalilty.
– Pedophilia – Aisha, Muhammad’s favorite “wife” was 9 years old when he began having sex with her. They were married when she was 6 years old.
– Bigamy – Muhammad had 13 wives.
– The spread of hatred and racism.
– The spread of oppression and the enslavement of non-muslims.

4. Islam spreads hatred and racism, calling Jews & Christians pigs and apes.

“Shall I point out to you something worse than that, regarding the recompense from Allah: those (Jews) who incurred the Curse of Allah and His Wrath, and those of whom (some) He transformed into monkeys and swine…”
– The Qur’an (5:60)

5. Muhammad personally ordered the beheadings of at least 900 men.

“There will never be two religions in Arabia.”
– The words of Muhammad.

– Beni Qurayzah was a Jewish town in Arabia where Muhammad had a ditch dug around the town. The trench was to hold the bodies of the dead. The women and some of the children were raped and forced into slavery.

– The Arabian Holocaust occurred soon thereafter, and all the Jews were exterminated.

We have already lost this war.Will you submit to Islam or die?

“Those who resist Allah and his messenger will be humbled to dust.” -The Qur’an (58:5)

14 Centuries of Genocidal Warfare
270 million dead and counting!!!

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