Barack Hussein Obama: A Muslim or a Liar?

Barack Hussein Obama:  A Muslim  or a Liar?

Obama has said that he is a Christian.

Obama has also stated that he is a Muslim.

Which is true?

Obama, in his speech in Cairo, stated that he is a Muslim:

Obama was the first American President, NOT sworn in with a Bible!

Obama mocks and makes fun of the bible – NO CHRISTIAN WOULD DO THIS.

If Obama is truly a Christian, then this is his Pastor:

No matter which is true, Obama is clearly a TRAITOR to America.

Islam teaches HATE, RACISM, and BIGOTRY.

Islam practices an Institutionalized system of Religious Bigotry, known as Dhimmitude.  As Dhimmis (non-muslims in a muslim society), your rights are no better than that of Jews living in Nazi Germany.

Obama is the Architect of Modern American Slavery.

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