Socialism and Hate

Socialism and Hate

Socialism will Destroy the American Dream

What’s wrong with Socialism?

After all, Socialists are idealists.  They want to help the poor, the downtrodden, the weak, the disadvantaged – don’t they?

Socialism suffers from the PSYCHOLOGY OF POVERTY.

Those that learn how to become successful and prosperous have all learned that your destiny is determined by the way you think.

History is full of the stories of how individuals became successful and wealthy after first suffering staggering poverty.  How is this possible?

How do people succeed?

Is it…

A Good Education?
There are many brilliant people that are poor (college professors are a good example).

Hard work?
Many of the hardest working people never break out of poverty.  All of those people in America picking food remain poor, but they work harder than anyone.

Being part of the privileged class
Having “connections” will not help you succeed.  Many unsuccessful people know important people.  Knowing the right people can help, but it is not the reason for success.  Most successful people meet people along the way to success.  Many born into wealthy families become abject failures.

Success is determined by HOW YOU USE YOUR MIND.

Put simply, successful people HAVE A DREAM.

Successful people SET GOALS.

Successful people IMAGINE SUCCESS.

Successful people TAKE ACTION.

Successful people NEVER QUIT.

Poor people all think alike.

Failures fill their minds with EXCUSES.

Failures fill their minds with HATE.

Failures fill their minds with ENVY and RESENTMENT towards successful people.

There is mass hostility and mass envy towards wealth.

The poor are so caught up in their present problems that they do not plan ahead or think ahead.  The poor have great hostility and envy towards people that prosper and succeed.  The poor are suspicious and resentful towards people that succeed in life.
— Catherine Ponder

Socialism destroys the American Dream and creates POVERTY.

SOCIALISM is a political system that is based on HATE.

DICTATORS and TYRANTS use the LIE of SOCIALISM to manipulate the poor masses into giving them power.

Wealth is created by adding value to other people’s lives.

When you create something of value, it enriches the world.

The American Dream creates wealth.

If you were to plant an apple tree, for instance, it will bear fruit which will feed people.   Wealth has been created.

If the government comes by and steals all of your apples and redistributes them to the poor, why would you ever plant another apple tree?

There is no difference between this thief and the government.

STEALING adds nothing to other people’s lives.  THEFT does not create value.  ROBBERY does not create wealth.

When the government STEALS from you and REDISTRIBUTES your wealth to the poor, nothing of value has been created.

Furthermore, nothing has changed.  The poor are still poor.

This leads to a cycle of poverty perpetuated by the socialist government.

Poverty is the result of the death of hope, and it is perpetuated by tyrants, dictators, progressives and socialists.


The American Dream is the idea that anyone can succeed here.  Why is this so?  When the government gets out of the way, there are no longer any impediments to success.

STEALING from the rich (through taxes) and redistributing it to the poor (through social programs) will lead to the DEATH OF THE AMERICAN DREAM.

When the American Dream dies, the world will be plunged into poverty and despair.

Tyrants and dictators will rule over us.

We will be slaves.

4 Responses to Socialism and Hate

  1. Socialism kills. The ridiculous thing is that it all hinges on the innate herd mentality & a desire to give in to man’s instincts to go back to a time where men relied upon the such a thing as commonality of purpose. The entire idea is counter-progressive which makes my eyes bleed when I hear socialists speak of progress.

    The hundred of millions of individual decisions adapting to the other millions of individual decisions is beyond the capacity of any man, or group of men, to even begin to understand… yet the socialist thinks he should manage & direct the resources to suit his idea of social justice and common good. Again, maybe if the primate lived in a damn cave with 6 other idiots… it might make sense to work together for the common good!

    • Socialism is diametrically opposed to FREEDOM.
      Socialism is based on HATE.
      Socialism is based on ROBBERY.
      Socialism produces POVERTY, DESPAIR, the DEATH OF HOPE.
      Socialism leads to SLAVERY.

      Adolf Hitler was a socialist.
      Joseph Stalin was a socialist.
      Obama is a socialist.

      America is descending into slavery.

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  3. Angles says:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the fantastic work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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