Keth Olbermann – Is he a Communist or a Nazi?

“It is the absolute right of the state to supervise the formation of public opinion.”

– Joseph Paul Goebbels

Is Keith Olbermann a Communist or a Nazi?

Keith Olbermann - is he a Communist?

National Socialism and Communism are just different brands of Socialism.

Keith Olbermann - Does he promote Socialism?

If he promotes Socialism, then he promotes SLAVERY and TYRANNY.

Socialism and Nazism are the same thing.

Both promote SLAVERY and TYRANNY.

Clearly, Obama is a Communist.
Every “news” organization that supports him also supports Communism.

After Keith Olbermann’s vitriolic hatred spouted off the night before the Massachusetts election for their new senator, it is clear how hateful and out of whack these liberals are.

Adolf Hitler,  Joseph Stalin and Barack Obama are all liberal Socialists.

Keith Olbermann - Gets a hot curling iron shoved up his arse today from the people of Massachusetts!

Today, it looks like the people of Massachusetts and the American people are going to shove a hot curling iron up Keith Olbermann’s arse!

5 Responses to Keth Olbermann – Is he a Communist or a Nazi?

  1. Andrew Pelt says:

    There is so much information here! I love this website.

  2. Sabine Surma says:

    I am absolutely blown away at how interesting the content is on this web site. I have bookmarked this page and I really plan on visiting the site in the upcoming days. Great job keep up the fantastic work!

  3. CNN says:

    Hey I landed on your website by chance on feedburner while trying to find something completely obscure but I am truly happy that I did, You have just caught yourself another subscriber. 🙂

  4. WTF? says:

    What the F**k dude, Get your facts straight, Hitler was Fascist, which is classified as extreme nationalsim! Nationalism is a right wing policy!!!!!! F**k Mate Hitler Hated communism!! He sort of decleared war on the eradication of Communsim, Like Operation Babarossa? heard of it? Research it!!

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