Obama’s Cousin: Raila Odinga – A TERRORIST

October 7, 2009

Raila Odinga, Obama’s cousin, is a Muslim terrorist and a Marxist.


Raila Odinga, a Muslim, is responsible for over 1000 deaths in Kenya.

Obama’s cousin, Raila Odinga supports terrorism, Sharia Law, and  is responsible for murdering over 1000 people on Kenya.


Muslim rioters murder over 1000 people.

100 women and children were burned alive in the Assemblies of God Church in the town of Eldoret.

Obama actively supported his cousin in his attempt to become the leader of Kenya.


They even used the same campaign slogan: CHANGE

Odinga lost the election, but he spurred his followers into violence, and over 1000 people were murdered.

Raila Odinga is a Muslim and he supports Sharia Law and is endorsed by terrorists.


Christian Churches Burned in Kenya

Is there any doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is a supporter of Islamic Sharia Law?

Sharia Law supports SLAVERY!

To quote a comment on the blog, Jihad Watch:

The Christian in Kenya have lived near Muslims for centuries, so they know what Islamic shari’ah is all about (unlike, say, Rowan Williams). They know that appeasement will not work and that the Muslims will not be satisfied with anything less then total power and domination (again, something the dhimmi British government fails to realise). It is also important to mention that one of the leading shari’ah advocates in Kenya is communist politician Raila Odinga, the cousin of B. Hussein Obama. It was the Muslim supporters of Odinga that burned numerous churches and killed 1,000 Christians when they lost the elections. Their violent, anti-Christian campaign forced the government to give Odinga a ranking government post.