Destroying the Constitution

The (evil) politicians are struggling against the Constitution of the United States, as it is the only thing that is keeping them from achieving their One World Government, and setting up the United Nations as their Headquarters to rule the world from.

The American public has been satiated with being taught in grade school, up through high school, and college that “We are the freest nation on earth!” but we are not! It is called, “Brainwashing.”

We have a Chinese American friend who goes to China once in a while to give lectures over there, and he says, the Chinese are freer than we are!

He said a person can do what they want to except don’t stir people up against the Government.

Switzerland is really a free nation. Thailand is too, even though it is ruled by a real King. The King is a really nice man though. And so it goes.

Look at most of the Muslim nations. Their religion controls them, but otherwise they are pretty free. They can even own full automatic firearms.

We in the US are almost completely controlled by the Government. You don’t think so?     Go try to start a business, and see how far you get without a federal government business license. (I used to have one of these) Or a city license, or a county license. Or a state license. If your business takes you overseas, there are export licenses, etc., etc.,etc…

I could go on, but you get the idea.

Even though our Constitution gives you the RIGHT to own ANY gun, just show up with the “wrong” gun according to the Government, and you could end up in a Federal Prison! As a matter of fact look what happened to some innocent people in Idaho a few years back, some of them were murdered by the federal government because the federal government thought they had illegal guns. The government surrounded their home and dictated they surrender! Federal government shot at least one child and a woman because they would not obey the evil government. Really sick! They thought they were protected by the Constitution. Boy were they wrong!


The Nazi-like government murders 85 innocent men, women and children in Waco, Texas.

Then a few years later the government did the same thing to some other innocent people near a little town called Waco Texas.

Fear Your Government!

The American people should be very afraid of their government as it has now reached the low level similar to the Nazi Gestapo of WW II fame. Those who do those jobs just do what they are told, even if it means murdering innocent people. (Innocent means those who have not been tried in a court of their peers, and found guilty, and they have not committed any heinous crime against a person)

We are no longer a free people!

The Framers viewed government as a necessary evil, required for a free people’s collective security but, if insufficiently checked, guaranteed to devour liberty.

The purpose of the Constitution was not to make the positive case for government but for freedom. Freedom cannot exist without order, and thus implies some measure of government.

But it is a limited government, vested with only the powers expressly enumerated.

As the framers knew, a government that strays beyond those powers is necessarily treading on freedom’s territory. It is certain to erode the very Blessings of Liberty the Constitution was designed to secure.

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